New Video: Howie D, '100'

We love it when former boy banders go solo. Justin Timberlake is the obvious success story here, but we'd like to take a quick minute to highlight the underdogs. J.C. Chasez' "Some Girls" is still on our workout mix, Nick Carter's "Help Me" brings us right back to sophomore year in high school, and no matter how harshly we're judged, we'll always love Jordan Knight's "Give It To You."

Though we won't list him as an underdog quite yet (give him a minute... GOSH!) former Backstreet Boy Howie Dorough (aka Howie D), who's also one-ninth of NKOTBSB, has just released the video for his new solo single,"100," off his forthcoming album, Back To Me.

We'll admit we had our doubts (like, within the first five seconds when we were confronted by some pretty intense dance moves by the female lead in the video). But, as we pressed on, we were actually pleased with our findings. In direct contrast to his sugary pop days, Howie's gone down a more freestyle R&B throwback path, and frankly we think it suits him.

In his "100" video, Howie convincingly promises his highly enthusiastic female friend that he's "giving you 100/I hope that's enough/ I'll never give any less girl/you're worth that much." And, despite his dancing -- let's just say he's no J.C. Chasez, OK? -- we actually believe he's gonna try to be good to his gal, so we're in complete support of his foray into solo stardom. Get it, Howie D.

+ Watch Howie D's "100" video.