EXCLUSIVE: Check Out Simon Curtis' New 'RA' Album Art Before It Drops Tuesday, June 7

Indie electro-pop artist and Buzzworthy bestie Simon Curtis is pulling back the curtain on his second self-released studio album. It's called RA, and no, it doesn't stand for rheumatoid arthritis (which is good news!), nor is it a shout out to college resident advisers all across the land. It stands for Robot Army, so it is indeed a shout-out to his loyal online following -- part Little Monsters and Britney devotees who immediately adopted him, and part his own vocal militia.

"I am so fortunate to have the most loyal, fiercely dedicated growing fanbase an unsigned act could ever hope for," Simon explained. "After my first album came out last year, they dubbed themselves Robots, and from there, Robot Army. This album is 100 percent for them, so it really couldn't be titled anything else."

RA -- the cover art and promo photos were both shot by L.A. photographer Tyler Shields -- features lead singles "Superhero" -- a push-yourself-to-the-next-level anthem in the vein of Lady Gaga's "The Edge Of Glory" -- and the punishingly erotic, shamelessly gritty "Flesh," which fits snugly alongside Britney's "Inside Out." (Think Rihanna's "Skin" with a much sharper bite.) Though it's a dark digital dance album, there's also an unforgivingly emotional sucker punch in here, reminding listeners that robots have feelings, too.

RA is out tomorrow, Tuesday, June 7.