Preview: Selena Gomez's New Song, 'Bang Bang Bang'

Credit: Steve Granitz/ WireImage

For plebeians like us, turning 18 signifies the long-awaited moment when we're able to vote, avoid state-imposed curfew laws, and buy cigarettes, but why on earth would you ever want to do that!?! Smoking is disgusting! Anyway, when Selena Gomez turned 18, she got a Bardot-esque sexy new look, a dope new single and a hot younger man.

A sonic departure from her somewhat G-rated "Who Says," "Bang Bang Bang," from her upcoming album, When The Sun Goes Down, (June 28) delivers a more mature sound for Selena (and The Scene), calling upon sultry vocal inflections and noticeably more adult lyrics. Produced by Toby Gad (the man responsible for massive hits like Beyoncé's "If I Were A Boy" and Fergie's "Big Girls Don't Cry") Selena seductively coos “My new boy gets it, how to get me/His love is deeper, you know, he's a real keeper you know/Bang bang bang, I’m breaking in, stealing all my love back, giving it to him/Bang bang bang, this time I'll win."

We can safely assume Selena's singing about Justin "Mr. Gomez" Bieber (they've been practically attached at the lips for the past month), but just in case anyone's been in a no-internet signal rain forest, Jason Sudeikis called the girl OUT last night at the MTV Movie Awards in front of say, EVERYONE. Blushing and hiding her face, Sudeikis ripped on the couple's PDA fest, warning Gomez to take heed  "because she already swallowed three of his baby teeth."

Embarrassing? Yeah, probably. But, everyone knows that you've hit the fame jackpot when you're majorly ragged on by the host of the MTV Movie Awards, so we say: welcome to the big time, Selena.

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