Watch The Foo Fighters Perform 'Walk' Live At The 2011 MTV Movie Awards

Credit: John Shearer/

The howl of "Twilight" man-wolves and the screams of Beliebers when Justin Bieber surprised viewers at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards weren't the loudest noises of the night. The show's movie clips and quick-tongued barbs were eclipsed by some pretty epic rock when the Foo Fighters performed their latest single, "Walk." And despite the rather placid implications of a song named "Walk," the live performance was anything but, with Dave Grohl and company ferociously tearing through Wasting Light's second single with brilliantly menacing guitars and pile-driving primal screams. As Dave Grohl wailed a monstrous tale of fortitude and resurrection, howling, "I never wanna die/I'm dancing on my grave/I'm running through the fire" with Taylor Hawkins slaying the drums behind him, Foo Fighters turned in a terrifyingly heavy, truly cinematic monster of a performance.

+ Watch Foo Fighters perform "Walk" at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards: