New Song: Joe Jonas, 'See No More'

Those Jonas Brothers grew up so fast, didn't they? It seems like only yesterday they were cute-ing it up on the Disney Channel and adorably dorking out here at MTV (as seen in these old-school Jonas Brothers photos), and now Joe Jonas is striking out on his own, releasing solo material and even growing his facial hair in interesting configurations (his chin-strap on the album art is just precious).

Joe "Official Badass" Jonas released "See No More," the first single off his upcoming solo album, FastLife, today, and it's a much more mature sound than we're used to hearing from him or any of the Jonases, quite frankly. Co-written by Chris Brown, the slickly produced, R&B-inflected track expresses Joe's frustration at having to wait for his beloved to catch up with him, metaphorically speaking. "I don't wanna wait for you/I don't wanna wake up thinking, hoping you'll get it right this time," he croons. Joe "Killer Hair" Jonas means business.

But if you're starting to miss Joe Jonas, Bubbly Young Person, all you have to do is check out his Twitter account, where he's tweeting back at every single person who has talked about his song. "Yes... i am that annoying person retweeting everyone about #SEENOMORE," he wrote early this morning. "wouldn't you if you had a single coming out tomorrow??" Oh, Joe Jonas, don't ever change.

+ Listen to "See No More." FastLife is out Sept. 6.