Video Premiere: The Submarines, 'Fire'

Credit: Autumn de Wilde

L.A. indie-pop duo The Submarines really need to give their set decorator a raise. In "Fire," the latest video from the band's third album Love Notes/Letter Bombs, the duo construct the nicest-looking high school play backdrop ever (that's a compliment.)

The celestial-themed video, directed by Maximilla Lukacs (Karen Elson, The Like), alternates between the Victorian Era, the 1950s and the present day, and shows husband/wife duo Jack Dragonetti and Blake Hazard gazing into space. Along the way, we see human-faced stars, silver-painted dancers and the duo riding the moon. The playful vibe of the video mirrors the tone of the winsome track, anchored by electronic bagpipes -- what Dragonetti has likened to a "Casio on crack."

We'll give The Submarines the benefit of the doubt that "Fire" is supposed to have that DIY feel and that the group didn't get their budget slashed at the last minute. But we still want to know where Dragonetti got that top hat and sparkling shirt. You know where to find us, man.

Catch The Submarines on tour this summer with The Eels.

+ Watch The Submarines' "Fire" video.