New Video: Cee Lo Green, 'I Want You (Hold On To Love)'

Credit: Issac Brekken

It's pretty amazing that, 10 years down the line, the big guy from Goodie Mob is making these massive crossover pop albums and has a slew of multiplatinum singles under his belt. In his latest video, "I Want You (Hold On To Love)," Cee Lo opts for his signature croon versus belting it (see: "Crazy," "F*** You") and the result is a song that wouldn't feel out of place on a late-'70s Stevie Wonder album.

In his "I Want You (Hold On To Love)" video, Cee Lo hams it up around what appears to be Liberace's mansion and Vegas at large, playing roulette and drinking Henny with his girl. Cee Lo's Lady Killer album has sold well over a quarter of a million copies here in the United States since it came out in November 2010, and he's about to embark on tour with Rihanna, so now's the perfect time to relax in a mansion with a bottle of good liquor and a fine lady. Dude's earned it.

+ Watch Cee Lo Green's "I Want You (Hold On To Love)" video.