New Song: Lil Mama, 'On & On & On'

Credit: WireImage

Lil Mama is a busy lil' lady! In addition to performing her judging duties on "America's Best Dance Crew," she's also been in the studio working hard on new material. On her latest song, "On & On & On," she displays the same playfulness with language that made her first big single, "Lipgloss," a hit, while simultaneously stepping up the intensity to something a bit more grown-up and aggressive.

"I met a lot of girls tryna stop my flow/Met a lot of girls tryna stop my dough/Stop my flow, no you can't do" she raps, and then proceeds to do many dazzling verbal tricks to prove her point. In the great hip-hop tradition proving one's dominance via complex bragging, Lil Mama spares no bravado to spare, positioning herself in the hall of fame of rap greats by singing Biggie's hook and replacing his name with her own. Yes, Lil Mama went there.

In addition to the song, Mama filmed a cute making-of featurette, which shows her alternately strumming an acoustic guitar and recording with laser-like focus.

+ Listen to Lil Mama's "On & On & On" and watch her making-of video.