POSTED: Tinie Tempah Talks Rap Inspirations

Credit: Circe Baumgartner/ MTV

UK rapper/singer and MTV Posted artist Tinie Tempah has been making his way stateside recently, picking up fans along the way with his blend of hip-hop, anthemic rock, R&B and drum 'n' bass. We've already told you about his BlackBerry obsession and his favorite song off his debut album, Discovery, to perform live.

But enough about the present and future, though. This week, we've got Tinie Tempah on the couch to talk about the MCs who inspired him and how he's able to transform unpredictable inspiration into tangible ideas.

As you'll see in the videos below, the rapper is no jingoist, showing love for his peers on both sides of the Atlantic. Tempah name-drops Jay-Z, who "transcended a lot of hip-hop stereotypes," Eminem, "one of the first rappers who got me paying attention," and Lil Wayne, "working harder than any living musician." As for his British peers, the rapper cites Dizzee Rascal, Skepta and Kano, among others, as the ones who have inspired his voice and style.

Also check out Tinie Tempah discussing how inspiration hits anywhere at any time... which is why he never goes anywhere without his BlackBerry. Because a pen and pad would be "weird and awkward." Yeah. Definitely not a cool look.