Flashback Friday: Blur, 'Song 2'

Credit: Redferns

Happy Flashback Friday, everyone! The sun is shining, you're not paying attention to whatever's going on at work/school, and, understandably, you are ready to rage. To help you get pumped for this three-day weekend, I've selected a video from the English alternative rock band Blur, whose exuberant ode to... something, "Song 2," helped the Brit-pop superstars gain popularity here in the U.S.

Although they'd been major in the U.K. since the early '90s, touring with The Cramps and charting with singles like "She's So High" and "Girls & Boys," in 1996 the band had yet to become a household name outside their home turf. While their countrymen in Oasis rode the Brit-pop wave to international stardom, the boys of Blur felt stalled. Seeking a change in direction, they began listening to noisy American alt-rock bands like Pavement and Sonic Youth, and the resulting self-titled album was nothing short of revolutionary for them.

The second single off said album, "Song 2," was meant to be a parody of American grunge rock, but the song mimicked it so well that American audiences either didn't notice or didn't care, and it climbed to No. six on Billboard's modern rock chart. (And trust me, even if you don't know this song by name, you'll recognize the signature "WOO HOO" chorus in an instant.) However, it was quite different from the rest of the band's body of work, which meant this mainstream success was to be short-lived. Nevertheless, "Song 2" (aka The "Woo Hoo" song) introduced quite a few lovable suburban brats (like myself!) to the tasteful world of under-the-radar college rock, and judging from how much said whippersnappers got out of that, I think the ends certainly justified the means.

+ Watch Blur's "Song 2" video.