Video Sneak Peek: Linkin Park, 'Iridescent'

As Linkin Park's musical vision gets more expansive and ambitious, so too have their videos. We've got a sneak peek of "Iridescent," the lead single off the upcoming Transformers: Dark of the Moon soundtrack. And if the clip below is any indication of the entire video, the band has fully embraced their sci-fi side, as the hand (of God?) reaches out to a group of people wholly obscured by sheets. Meanwhile, Mike Shinoda caresses a snake, while a H.R. Giger-esque creature scans a floating, holographic rotating polygon.

Directed by band member Joe Hahn, "Iridescent" is the fourth single from the band's fourth album, A Thousand Suns. And don't forget to watch the full-length "Iridescent" video when it premieres Thursday, June 2, on MTV and