Star Spotting: Is That Will Smith On A Beach In A $10,000 Suit?

Credit: Victor Alcorn/Splash News

Take a look at this picture. It's movie and music star Will Smith on a beach. Now, look closely. Where is he? He's on a beach. He's wearing a suit. He's wearing a full suit on a beach, and arguably a very expensive one at that. What kind of erratic behavior is this? Will seems to be taking a page right out of the WTH handbook with the whole suit-on-the-beach thing, amirite? Maybe this is what he meant by "Getting Jiggy With It"? It's all starting to make sense now... maybe "jiggy" actually meant insanity... yikes!

Well readers, as it turns out, Mr Smith hasn't completely lost his marbles. No, he's actually filming some scenes for the upcoming Men In Black 3 -- also starring Tommy Lee Jones and Josh Brolin -- on Captree Beach in West Islip, New York. The movie has been shooting the whole month here in New York and currently has a May 25, 2012, release date, which is exactly one year from today. The more you know!

While we're at it, how has Will Smith not aged? Dude still looks 25. How does he do that? He's like The Curious Case Of Being Badass! He releases hit movie after hit movie (hey, even The Legend Of Bagger Vance was pretty good!) and cool song after cool song, even putting his children Willow Smith and Jayden Smith through music and movie stardom, respectively. Clearly, the suit-on-the-beach thing is something we don't know about yet because it's next-level swaggin'. Maybe if he starts pairing the suit with a tin foil hat we'll start worrying, but right now? The suit-on-the-beach thing is the epitome of cool. Very GQ. Well done, Mister Smith.

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