New Video: T-Pain Featuring Chris Brown, 'Best Love Song'

Credit: WireImage/FilmMagic

Four years ago, R. Kelly and Usher were fighting over the same girl in, um, "Same Girl." Now, T-Pain and Chris Brown have teamed up for "Best Love Song," a similar sonic duel over the affections of one special groupie girl.

The central conceit finds the two singers both trying to sing their "Best Love Song" to the girl, but rather than singing on two separate tracks, they collaborate. Y'know. For some reason.

"And if I wanna take her home, it's gonna be better than what they do on the radio," T-Pain sings. A cutthroat opening. Brown retorts, "Turn on the lights, give me a mic/I'm about to sing and do it just as she likes." A well-constructed riposte.

Who wins this lyrical battle of two musical heavyweights? We're going with Pain, only because Brown sings "Cowabunga," and no one's said that in 20 years.

"Best Love Song" is only the latest in a string of hits for the duo. In 2007, the two collaborated on Brown's ubiquitous hit "Kiss Kiss" and again in 2008 on T-Pain's "Freeze." "Best Love Song" comes from T-Pain's oft-delayed fourth album rEVOLVEr. The singer has said he won't release the album until he has a million Twitter followers, so make sure your grandson grabs a copy when it hits stores in 2046. Just kidding. But T-PAIN! We ain't getting any younger here!

+ Watch T-Pain's "Best Love Song" video featuring Chris Brown:

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