Little Girl Dances Her Way Into Lady Gaga's Heart, Google Chrome Ad

Credit, Lady Gaga: Getty Images

As you probably know by now, the Google Chrome ad that aired during Lady Gaga's epic "Saturday Night Live" episode was more touching than a commercial should ever have the right to be. Starring Mommy Monster herself, it showed all the ways she uses the internet to interact with her fans, and featured many fan-submitted videos. One particularly passionate video caught my eye, so I looked it up. It features a preternaturally talented 12-year-old dancer named Laura Manna.

Not much info is readily available on this talented youngster (which is good because she's just a child, and honestly, I feel sort of creepy stalking her online), but the YouTube video was apparently posted by her cousin, dancer and choreographer Camillo Lauricella. (Here's the two of them dancing to Christina Aguilera's "Not Myself Tonight.")

Laura dances her little heart out as she lip-synchs to "Edge Of Glory" with enough youthful zeal and abandon to break your heart straight down the middle. I hope we see more of her in Gaga-related video projects to come.

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