WATCH: Beyonce's Stunning Dressing Room Rehearsal Backstage At 'American Idol'

Credit: Getty

What the WHAT? We would like to cordially invite you to witness the PERFECTION of Beyoncé's dressing room rehearsal backstage at "American Idol" last night. OK? She's singing her new song, "1+1," from her new album, 4, along to what looks like HER LAPTOP, and the preperformance is blowing us away. Like, we now dwell amongst the trees like nomadic people of the Beyonc-tastic Tribe (we just made that up and are therefore members) who will follow Beyoncé anywhere and do anything she says because she can do NO WRONG. There's no microphone, no effects. Just talent, served straight up, not even with a twist.

Jay-Z shot the footage (so adorable we could melt onto our keyboard while typing this) and posted it to his new site Life + Times, allowing us to Check Up On It ourselves. You can tell that even Beyoncé's entourage -- clearly people used to hearing her sign -- are beside themselves. Amazing stuff. Run and tell that.