New Song: Beyonce, '1+1'

Credit: Getty Images

Beyoncé premiered her new song "1+1" on "American Idol" last night, and if "Run the World (Girls)" was a girl power call to arms, "1+1" is what goes through our heroine's head at the end of the day when the combat boots come off and she just wants to let her softer sideshow.

The opening track on her upcoming album, 4, the soaring ballad uses simple arithmetic to describe Beyoncé's undying love for her partner. Basically, Beyoncé's teaching us easy math:

"Hey! I don't know much about guns but I ... I've been shot by you/Hey! And I don't know when I'm gonna die, but I hope that I'm gonna die by you/Hey! And I don't know much about fighting, but I, I know I will fight for you/Hey! Just when I ball up my fist, I realize that I'm laying right next to you."

Judging from what we've heard so far, it seems like she's making good on her recent statements to Billboard that 4 will incorporate more diverse and varied sounds than previous albums, and that she gave herself "more freedom to really belt out some songs, and bring soul singing back." With so many different influences at play (soul, hip-hop, rock, Afrobeat), it's anyone's guess what we'll hear next from Beyoncé, but whatever it is -- more math, cooking-based songs, disco, whatever -- we%