Star Spotting: Lil Jon Demonstrates Why He Should Really Be An 'American Idol' Judge

Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

We understand the irony of a guy who's made a career out of yelling "WHAAT?" and "OKAAY!" over hip-hop tracks showing up at the finale of the nation's premier singing competition. We really do. Those kids practiced for years to get their voices where they are, and in typical Lil Jon fashion, Lil Jon just kind of shows up at the finale and says "YEEAAAHHH" in his signature spastic-chill way. Because when you're as unflappable as Lil Jon, even a show as huge as the "American Idol" finale simply ain't no thang. Who are we kidding? Lil Jon could show up anywhere and make it that much more awesome.

Lil Jon introduced the amazing TLC last night on the show. "Idol" judges Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler (and also Jack Black, of all people!) were also on the red carpet for yesterday's finale, where 17-year-old country singer Scotty McCreery became the 10th "American Idol" winner. This is the first season that former "Idol" judge (and "Idol" impresario) Simon Cowell has been off the show since he left to work on his new singing competition franchise, The X Factor, which, by the way, made headlines yesterday when it was announced that Pussycat Doll frontwoman Nicole Scherzinger would be taking the place of British pop royalty Cheryl Cole as one of the judges. Which got us thinking...

Hey "Idol," why don't you have Lil Jon on as one of the judges? He's already got a built-in grading system. "WHAAT?" if it's bad, "OKAAY" if it's, well, and "YEEAAH" if it's great. See? Genius.

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