Chris Crocker, AKA The 'Leave Britney Alone' Guy Tells Britney To 'Leave The Stage Alone'!

Credit: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

If there was a "well I didn't see that coming" section of the news, then this would certainly be a part of it: Chris Crocker, better known as the "Leave Britney Alone!" YouTube guy has released a new video telling Britney Spears to leave the stage alone. Um...

In 2007, when Britney was in the throes of a highly publicized meltdown, Chris Crocker released a tearful statement asking the media to please "leave Britney alone." That was a good move on his part: Not only did the video message make a good point (the constant media presence during a massive breakdown didn't exactly help things), but it also garnered Chris some 40 million hits for that video alone. After a foray into the music biz, he's left the Hollywood lifestyle for his hometown in Tennessee.

Throughout his new video, Chris argues that Britney doesn't want to be on stage and made a hasty retreat from the stage after her Billboard Music Awards performance with Rihanna. (In all fairness, people usually DO exit the stage after a performance... especially on live television.) Chris issues a caveat, saying "I will always care about her on a human level" but no longer supports her performance, which he refers to as robotic. He also calls out Britney fans for being "delusional." Ugh. You're entitled to your opinion (which, of course, is not ours), but way to be a supportive fan, bro. Also, in the words of Lady Gaga in "Judas," "ew."

Anyway, without further ado, watch Chris Crocker's video (warning: NSFW language), watch Britney and Rihanna's Billboard Music Awards performance, and tell us what you think of Chris Crocker's commentary.