Video Premiere: Jason Derulo, 'Don't Wanna Go Home' + Go Behind The Scenes Of The Video

Earlier this week, we gave you an exclusive sneak peek of Jason Derulo's new video, "Don't Wanna Go Home," in which our hero outlasted the bevvy of sleeping women on his couch, dancing in a smoke-filled warehouse. Now we're excited to show you the full version, which features Derulo, Melody Thornton of Pussycat Dolls and various dancers waking up from a night of clubbing to keep the night going.

With his very attractive friends passed out beside, around and on top of him, Derulo reminisces about the night before, dancing over to the one girl still awake at the party. Dude, are you contractually obligated to dance instead of walk? I don't think I've seen you take three steps without instinctively busting into some "West Side Story." It's fine, we'll take it because it works on you and because we can't dance.

Eventually everyone wakes up, including one girl who slept in a closed trunk for some reason. And here, we have to respect Derulo for saying, "If the club is closed, let's just create our own." At 5 a.m., I am usually face deep in a gyro, one sock missing, while nodding off to a kung fu film. Jason Derulo and his crew are practicing full-scale choreographed dance routines. Jason Derulo wins every time.

When you're done watching the Rich Lee-directed video, check out our exclusive Jason Derulo interview, where the singer discusses the idea behind "Don't Wanna Go Home," celebrating his success with his parents and the meaning behind the name of his upcoming album, Future History.