Star Spotting: Justin Bieber Has A Jesus Tattoo In Hebrew

Credit: starsurf/Splash News

THIS JUST IN. Tween pop megastar Justin Bieber was spotted in Hawaii with his girlfriend Selena Gomez yesterday, but that isn't the big news. Oh no. Are you ready? OK, according to our friends over at Idolator, JUSTIN BIEBER HAS A NEW TATTOO.

Yes, you are reading it correctly: There is a new tattoo on Justin Bieber. The tattoo is on his left side and allegedly says "Jesus" in Hebrew. This bombshell of a discovery was revealed just in these last few hours after paparazzi shots of Justin Bieber surfaced of the pop superstar and his girlfriend, Selena Gomez.

There's no official word yet of the tattoo from Bieber himself, but word on the blogosphere is that he perhaps received the tattoo while in Israel. Interesting! So for those keeping track, Justin Bieber now has two tattoos: this new one, and a small bird (looking not unlike the Twitter bird, IMHO), which matches one that his father has in the same place. Getting tattoos at 17! Justin Bieber sure is turning into a rebel, that's for sure! Soon he'll be riding a motorcycle in no time. It's a cool tattoo, at least, Biebs. Far better than this grown man's tattoo of your face.