Behold! Lady Gaga's Iconic Rolling Stone Cover

Credit: Ryan McGinley/ Rolling Stone

It's not often that we here at Buzzworthy use hyperbole. Sure, the sandwiches we had for lunch were described as "mind-blowing," and the elevator ride back up to the 25th floor was considered "epic," but my God. We weren't ready for the latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine. Now take a look at Lady Gaga on the June 2011 cover of the magazine. Let's just list off some words that might describe it, shall we? Regal. Iconic. Wizardly. Amazing. Perfect. Perhaps... dare I say it.... defining?

It's not often that magazine covers reach the point of art, but between this and the Jay-Z cover from last summer, Rolling Stone appears to be on a roll (pun totally intended) with shooting iconic acts at the height of their career. On the cover, Lady Gaga appears wearing one of her signature hair bows, Photoshopped with a pinkish hue (either that or she ate a lot of shrimp) that works perfectly with the baby blue background.

Again, if you didn't know, this week marks the release of Gaga's Born This Way album, hence the barrage of promotion. But if all that work leads up to a magazine cover like this, then I say it was all worth it. Simply stunning. It's a gorgeous, far cry from Gaga's last Rolling Stone cover, which saw her shooting heavy artillery from her chest.

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