Song Premiere: Shaggy, 'Sugarcane'

Jamaican singer Shaggy, owner of the title to the biggest dancehall reggae crossover artist ever, returns with his new track "Sugarcane."

The singer of "All Virgins," "Sexy Body Girls," "Freaky Girl" and "Clothes Drop" -- as well as "It Wasn't Me," "Angel," "Bombastic" and "Fired Up (F*** The Rece$$ion)" -- makes a coy allusion when he sings "She likes the taste of my sugarcane," which happens to be plentiful and always in season. Musically, it's a pleasant slice of mid-tempo reggae-pop, laced with innuendo.

Nine albums deep, Shaggy can write an instantly catchy reggae track. "Sugarcane," as with most of Shaggy's songs, is more a vehicle for the singer's voice itself -- a smooth, supple sound that neatly fits between Lovers Rock and reggae-pop -- than the music. We're looking forward to the next crop imagery; Vegas odds have "Banana" as the current front-runner.

+ Listen to the premiere of Shaggy's new song, "Sugarcane."