New Video: All Time Low, 'I Feel Like Dancin''

Last month, we told you about "I Feel Like Dancin'," the up-tempo collaboration between Baltimore punk-pop band All Time Low and Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo. Now, the guys have come through with the video for their first single off their upcoming album, Dirty Work.

This being their first major-label video, the group went meta, framing "I Feel Like Dancin'" around a meeting between the band and the dreaded "clueless label guy." "We need to boost album sales this quarter," says the nameless suit. "And you guys are going to be our guinea pigs... I have a few methods for success up my sleeve."

What follows is a series of "proven" methods for fame, e.g., product placement, sex and stealing other people's ideas. We don't want to give too much away, but for that last one, the guys lampoon your favorite pop stars. It looks all in good fun, though, as the band clearly has no problem dressing in drag or letting muscled beefcakes grind them while they're playing.

Dirty Work, out June 7, is the band's fourth album and first since 2009's Nothing Personal.

+ WatchAll Time Low's "I Feel Like Dancin'" video.