Sneak Peek Of Jason Derulo's 'Don't Wanna Go Home' Video

Crisscrossing the globe on a headlining world tour apparently hasn't kept singer-songwriter Jason Derulo busy enough this past year. Now, the "Whatcha Say" and "In My Head" singer is almost ready to debut "Don't Wanna Go Home," the first video off his upcoming Future History, and we've got the exclusive preview.

Singing over a sample of Robin S.'s 1993 house classic "Show Me Love," Derulo dances around a smoke-filled warehouse with his friends -- or girls he met that night at the club -- passed out behind him. Presumably hopped up on house music and smoke fumes, the 21-year-old singer dances around the cavernous building until encountering a fur- and leather-clad dance partner, which leads to more questions than answers.

Is this the post-5 a.m. afterparty where everyone's passed out except two people? Did they all go back to Derulo's house and, if so, does he have smoke machines turned on 24 hours a day or only when he feels like dancing? With three songs going at least double platinum, can't he afford more than one couch for his friends? Throw us a bone, man.

We're hoping all will be revealed when the full version of "Don't Wanna Go Home" premieres next Wednesday, May 25, on MTV and