STAR SPOTTING: Jay-Z Muggin' It Up At Adult Swim Get-Together

Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

'Sup, Jay.

Your surprise appearance at the Adult Swim Upfront party last night at NYC's Roseland Ballroom sure turned a lot of heads. C'mon. A star of your caliber performing for the nerd elite--including comedians Aziz Ansari, Paul Scheer, Tim & Eric and perennial cool guy Seth Green -- is definitely newsworthy. Maybe you don't know that. Maybe you just show up to places forgetting you're one of the biggest stars in the world. Yes, Tim & Eric are marquee-worthy in their own right, but when Jay-Z shows up, that soiree immediately turns into PARTY OF THE YEAR.

Jigga's doing awesome right now with his Kayne West collaboration, Watch The Throne, already garnering high praise from Swizz Beatz. (The album doesn't have a set release date, but fans can probably expect it later this year.) Plus, the rapper's better half isn't doing so shabby, either. Beyonce's video for "Girls" dropped a couple days back and is p-h-e-n-o-m-e-n-a-l.

Who knows where Jay will turn up next? We hope it's at a bar or bat mitzvah. That would be dope.