New Songs: Lady Gaga, 'Heavy Metal Lover' And 'Electric Chapel'

Credit: Redferns

We've heard almost half of Lady Gaga's Born This Way (out May 23) by now, and the songs just keep coming! Today, we got our hands on "Heavy Metal Lover" and "Electric Chapel," and Gaga's still taking us in newer, more varied musical directions.

Despite how much we gushed over Lady Gaga's retro dance-pop nightlife anthem, "Marry The Night," "Heavy Metal Lover" is the complete opposite of all that, and we still love it. It's a house/trance-inspired track that pretty much has nothing to do with heavy metal (or Rob Halford like we suggested). It does, however, have everything to do with the "lover" part of the title. Gaga starts the song with a bang: "I want your whiskey mouth/All over my blonde south." Ahem.

"Electric Chapel," on the other hand, sounds like it got some of the metal that "Heavy Metal Lover" is missing. The song opens with a chugging guitar, and Gaga's vocals sound a little more rock on the pseudo-religious track: "Follow me, don’t be such a holy fool/Follow me, I need something sacred from you." Ohhhh, we get it. "Holy fool," "something sacred"... We were English majors! Yay, themes!

It's safe to say Lady Gaga's Born This Way is musically all over the board -- pop, rock, trance, house... errything. It's also safe to say that we need to get our hands on the whole thing ASAP!

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