PHOTO: Ke$ha And T-Pain Make Their Love Public

Oops. Guess we were wrong to encourage Ke$ha and James Van Der Beek into a more-than-friendship. The internet is all atwitter today with news of Ke$ha and T-Pain's very public new friendship. Just one day after performing on the same stage at Saturday's Wango Tango concert, the Grammy-winning producer/rapper/singer tweeted, "Last night I found out I'm in love wit @keshasuxx." Lest anyone (like his wife) get the wrong idea, he then elaborated, "I'm not saying and i had sex or anything I'm just sayin I love that 'f*** everybody else' attitude. She dresses how she wants she performs the way she wants, she does HER."

Ke$ha, who just released her "Blow" remix with B.o.B, responded in kind, saying "Um. F***ing love u @TPAIN. U get me. Come find me." This touched off an amusing caper in which T-Pain ostensibly got on a plane to Vegas "to stalk my music girlfriend," which ended the only place it could: a strip club. (Or maybe it's a regular club, and Ke$ha just likes to carry a bunch of dollar bills around with her as a meta-commentary on her trashy image. Who knows?!) The happy pair tweeted out the above photo of them performing some sort of Hennessy-assisted mind meld at the Palms in Vegas late last night. Adorable!

This friendship makes all kinds of sense, as the two share a love of Auto-Tune, outrageous clothing and getting a little bit tipsy. We hope these new BFFs will join forces to create an epic collaboration. After all, we're overdue for a new summer jam.