We HAVE To Say Something About How Joe Jonas Is Officially A Badass Now

Joe Jonas would like to cordially invite you to the beginning of his badass era. Yes, Buzzworthy readers. The criminally cute Jonas Brother would like you to know that he is edgy. That's right, he used to have all the rough edges of a Skittle, but now he's straight-up fierce. (You can tell by his sexy scruff and Tony Danza circa "Who's The Boss" cutoff T-shirt sleeves.)

And Joe Jonas' torrid virility on his "See No More" cover isn't even the most badass thing about single art. There's also the CRIME SCENE font. And oh, the irony of what the font SAYS. We will not accept that directive to "See No More." You're not the boss of US, Joe Jonas. We NEED to see more of this graffiti-meets-"Dexter" situation.

The cream filling of the metaphorical Oreo that is Joe Jonas, solo artist is this: "See No More" debuts on radio June 3 and will be released for download 10 days later. Produced by Brian Kennedy, the song was cowritten by Joe and Chris Brown earlier this year.

So tell us: Will you be RSVPing yes (in your best cursive) to the Joe Jonas Is A Badass Now party? Because we totally are.