POSTED: Tinie Tempah On Bringing His Album, 'Discovery,' To The States

Credit: Rene Cervantes

Last week, we got UK MC/singer Tinie Tempah and his Bill Cosby sweater in the studio to discuss his BlackBerry obsession and answer fan questions, including how he hooked up with Swedish House Mafia and his experience opening for Rihanna. Now, we got the MTV Posted artist to share a few more videos that'll make you a A-level student in the subject and study of Tinie Tempah.

While his debut album, Discovery, has already been out for a while outside the U.S., it doesn't hit the streets here until May 17 (with the addition of three previously unreleased tracks). Despite having performed the songs for so long, the rapper explains in the video below that he still gets a rush from it. "The music is still very exciting to me, and it's still very, very new," explains the Brit award winner.

Tinie Tempah also shares his favorite song on Discovery to perform live. You'll have to see the video below for the answer, but about the song, he states, "There's so many elements in it. It's grimy and Dubstep-y in the beginning and goes drum 'n' bass toward the end... It's crazy every single time." Think you can guess what it is?

And check out some behind-the-scenes photos of Tinie Tempah at MTV below.