Star Spotting: Lady Gaga, Victorian Matador!

Credit: Getty Images

France has been awash with press recently, not just because the annual Cannes Film Festival has got the town crawling with movie producers, directors, actors and agents, but also because Lady Gaga is in town! She's been branding the local papz's lenses with different looks in the past several days: She had a stop in gay Paris, and she even showed up to perform a waterfront concert on the Riviera for the French TV show "Le Grand Journal."

The photo above was taken during Gaga's "Le Grand Journal" performance of "Judas." We see Gaga dressed like some sort of Victorian matador, paws up to the light, perhaps chalking it up to the baptismal, heavily religious Catholic iconography that appears throughout "Judas." Which makes perfect sense since, according to MTV News, Gaga was "really obsessed with religious imagery and fashion for the 'Judas' video," adding that she has been "wearing very romantic, very biblical arrangements, and I always throw in some punk rock for good measure."

Hmm. Is Catholicism going couture?