Britney Spears' Comic Book Is Finally Here! And It's Just $3.99!!

A Beyoncé comic book already exists, as does a comic about Lady Gaga. So should we really be surprised that a new comic book, in which the star is Britney Spears, should exist? Actually, kinda. One could argue that both Lady Gaga and Beyoncé have created fantastical narratives in the now-iconic imagery that follows them in fashion spreads, music videos and album art. Britney, on the other hand, just tends to look really good, but she hasn't necessarily embraced any particularly "weird" aesthetic that even pop stars such as gothbot Jessie J and glitter machine Ke$ha have.

What could Bluewater Comics actually come up with for a Britney comic book? Brit as a supermom? Or she kicks the butt of the evil heartthrob robot, The Federliner 2000?

Actually, Britney's comic book, entitled "Fame: Britney Spears," tracks her meteoric rise to... well... fame. And actually, we'd totally read that. Fortunately Britney's comic book, which is available on, is just $3.99, which we can totally afford.

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