PHOTO: Lady Gaga Glues Things To Her Face For V Magazine's Asian Issue (Even Though She's Not Asian)

Credit: Inez von Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin/V Magazine

Lady Gaga looks nothing short of stunning on the upcoming cover of V Magazine's "Asian Issue," which hits newsstands May 12.

So, yeah, she looks stunning, but you know what she does not look like? Asian. Lady Gaga is not Asian, and neither are we, but wouldn't you think the Asia issue of a magazine would feature an actual Asian person? Maybe there's another cover coming.

True, Gaga wasn't necessarily "born this way" (with what look like the remains of a robotic peacock butterfly attached to her face), but, then again, we've never actually had the opportunity to see what Stefani Germanotta looks like in sweatpants, a tee shirt, and a pony tail -- and chances are we never will either.

Nevertheless, the facial horn protrusions are long gone, and Gaga has moved into the world of what might be facial wings...? So, seriously, consider that a thing now. In just three short years, we've already watched Gaga morph (like a butterfly, in fact) from one potent sartorial aesthetic to the next, so a little rainbow face seems like a perfectly unexpected step.

A second image from V Magazine features Gaga's face covered in... gold insects? Is that what that is? Gaga also appears to have a thin bullring through her nose. Yowch. Again, Gaga's V Magazine covers are certainly cool, and Gaga's got tons of Asian fans and even has a tattoo that says "Tokyo love," but again, where's the Asian cover of the Asian issue?