Star Spotting: Christina Aguilera Starts A Conga Line In A Fedora

Credit: Splash News

Christina Aguilera and her boyfriend, Matt Rutler, emerged from their hotel in New York City to dine at Spice Market, where they seemed to coordinate color palettes and fedoras in their respective outfits. Both dressed in shades of black and gray. The lovebirds also rocked the short-brimmed hats like they were retro gangsters/old-timey reporters/beach bums (funny how these generalized groups of people all enjoy the occasional fedora, huh?). They also look like they're doing a two-person conga line! PAGING "DANCING wITH THE STARS!"

Do couples who dress alike do other things alike? You know what we mean: Have they started finishing each other's sentences? Are they eating the leftovers off the other's plate at restaurants? Because, look, if their outfits are any indication, things are not just going really well, since the couple that shops together stays together (we know that doesn't rhyme, but roll with it).

Granted, they do look "fedora-ble," and Christina Aguilera is riding high on the success of "The Voice," so let's hope this relationship lasts. Because even if some find it unbearable, a similarly dressed couple is pretty cute (until, of course, they start in with the baby voice -- then, all bets are off).