Star Spotting: Lady Gaga Doesn't Look Happy To Be In Paris (But She Probably Is)

Credit: KCS Press/Splash News

Lady Gaga looked seriously somber while in Paris, where she paired her usual enormous sunglasses with a black leather jacket and black-and-blonde hair reminiscent of Cruella de Vil, except hotter. Maybe she was bumming because she missed her motorcycle. Gaga probably wasn't unhappy, though, considering that "The Edge Of Glory," the newest song off Born This Way, is garnering rave reviews across the board.

Gaga's feel-good anthem picks up where "Born This Way" left off, combining a pulsing, retro, '80s sound reminiscent of Pat Benatar with the same "paws up" mentality that drives the title track off her upcoming album, Born This Way. Oh, and there's a lot of sax, which is something to smile about in and of itself.

Perhaps Gaga is just taking a serious breather before May 23. Mother Monster's just getting started.