Star Spotting: Kevin And Joe Jonas = Hottest Dog Walkers Ever

Winston is one lucky dog. The adorable bulldog got to talk a walk with his adorable pop, Joe, and his uncle Kevin (two-thirds of The Jonas Brothers) in Los Angeles. The handsome trio were spotted getting some sun, dressed -- as usual -- in otherwise-casual clothes that the boys manage to fill out quite well. Joe even showed off his support of the New York Giants with a hat that would make Eli Manning proud.

Of course, the real star among these three is Winston, whose underbite and spotted coat give him the upper hand (or is it the upper paw?) when it comes to Jonas We Want To Hug The Most. Sure, Kevin is the cute one and Joe is the hot one (although that's not to say Nick Jonas isn't an effing dreamboat, because have you seen him?), but Winston? He's the huggable one! That sweet face? Those big paws? The saucer-shaped puppy eyes? Yeah, needless to say, we're basically weeping furballs over here.

Joe, if you ever need a dog walker, WE'RE AVAILABLE.

Credit: Splash News