New Video: Rihanna, 'California King Bed'

Credit: Getty Images

Weren't you JUST saying to your BFF, "Bestie? What do you do when you outgrow both your childhood bed and your relationship?" You are in LUCK, my friend, because Rihanna's brand-new video, "California King Bed," addresses exactly that. (Well, the relationship. Not the childhood bed.)

Filmed in California and directed by Anthony Mandler, the "California King Bed" video opens with Rihanna chilling out in a grass field, rocking a white bandeau and shorts, then moving into the kind of open-air bedroom that only exists in music videos. We start with Rihanna's head resting on the chest of her spicy, shirtless beau, but soon, a painful distance grows between the two. And in case you didn't get that the massive bed is a metaphor, soon the two are sleeping on the very edges of the huge California King.

The song and video are definitely reminiscent of Fergie's "Big Girls Don't Cry." Both are midtempo, ballady and filmed in a soft-focus domestic setting. We're into the natural, outdoorsy feel of Rihanna's iteration, though. The bed boasts cream-colored sheets, and the gossamer curtains evoke a very Caribbean vibe, a shout-out to Rihanna's native Barbados, no doubt.

Parenthetically, we know we're supposed to be sad about how huge that bed is, but all we can think is how greaaaaaaaaat it would be to host a mega-sleepover with 13 of our closest friends on one of those -- if it weren't the size of our entire apartment. Sigh.

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