We HAVE To Say Something About Whitney Houston Entering Rehab For Drugs And Alcohol

(Credit: WireImage)

It's not right that she was on drugs, but it's OK that Whitney Houston is checking into rehab. People.com reports that the former Mrs. Bobby Brown., who's struggled with substance abuse in the past, recently entered into an outpatient rehab program. There's still enough time to figure out how to chase your blues away, Whitney. And the method is the recovery process of seeking help from professionals.

Whitney Houston had a stint in treatment in 2004 and then again in 2005, with the help of her mother. We're utterly confident that the third time is the charm for her. Your love is our love Whitney, so just take a little time off from being the Queen of the Night (but maybe don't stop wearing that colossal headdress you wore in "The Bodyguard" to sing THAT little ditty) and get back to being yourself.

Whitney, we truly wish you the best. We're so glad you're getting the help you need that we're actually getting so emotional, baby. Because after all, Whitney, ain't it shocking what drugs can do? The greatest love of all is not recreational substances. Here's to ACTUALLY having it all -- not just almost. And just not drugs.

We look forward to your epic return.