Star Spotting: Aubrey O'Day Actually Makes This Enormous Hat Work

Credit: Splash News

Actually, hats on to Aubrey O'Day. The singer and reality star was spotted at the Kentucky Derby doing -- what else? --  wearing a giant hat. That's how people celebrate the Kentucky Derby, if you didn't know. It's a horse race, but it's also an opportunity for ladies (and gentlemen, too, if they want) to wear a giant hat, even if it looks ridiculous.

Aubrey's hat was kind of nuts (although, to be fair, so was everybody's), a kind of mishmash of bow ties all wrapped together atop a really wide brim. But Aubrey paired the kooky hat with a regal black-and-white number, so it kind of balanced out the whole outfit.

And she wore evening gloves, too, which is what a lady is supposed to do as she watches the horses race. We think. We weren't there, but that's what we've learned from both Aubrey and "The Real Housewives." So there you go. The Kentucky derby: hats, gloves, and horses.