Michael Bolton Does Some MIND-BLOWING Impressions In The Lonely Island's New 'Jack Sparrow' Video

Credit: Getty ImagesThe Lonely Island are the hottest trio in tongue-in-cheek hip hop right now (sorry, Das Racist). And they still work at "Saturday Night Live," which is also not so bad. Not since they paired up with Justin Timberlake (for "D**k In A Box" and "Motherlover") and with Akon on "I Just Had Sex" has their collaboration with another artist been so funny. In fact, of all male singers to team up with The Lonely Island, would you have expected Michael Bolton, known for '80s blue-eyed-soul jams like "How Am I Supposed To Live Without You"?

Perhaps that's why "Jack Sparrow," a song that is actually as good as it is hilarious, is such a naturally bonkers step in the right direction. Instead of asking a contemporary crooner like, say, John Legend or Robin Thicke, to lend his voice to a rap about V.I.P. rooms and bangin' and stuff, the boys got Michael Bolton to interrupt their song with choruses about Pirates Of The Caribbean, as well as other movies with which he's obsessed. Turns out Michael Bolton is a cinephile, and he also dresses in drag.

But dare we say that Michael Bolton has never sounded better? Like, we're going to buy a song with Michael Bolton featured on it, and it's not even 1993. Job well done, Lonely Island.