Video Premiere: The Parlotones, 'Should We Fight Back'

Do you really need to buy that ShamWow you saw on television at 3 a.m., get plastic surgery because your nose is one-quarter millimeter off-center, or keep engaging in the rat race of perpetual consumption? Those are the questions South African rock band The Parlotones ask in the premiere of their new video, "Should We Fight Back."

The video juxtaposes anti-consumerist, pro-individualist images with crowds of people ignoring the busking band. You'd think they'd at least stop to notice singer Kahn Morbee's Tammy Faye Baker-esque makeup, no? But this is not a subtle band. Votes get shredded. White guys in suits run on hamster wheels. Military officers paint giant peace symbols on walls. Perhaps as an homage to subversive graffiti artist Banksy's "Flower Power," one man is shown launching a bouquet of flowers like a weapon at the feet of an armed military man. It's a bit on-the-nose visually, but the message is sincere.

As for our plastic surgery victim, I guess Heidi Montag's story made it all the way to South Africa -- either that or the coincidence is frightening. Either way, the group bludgeons you with their calls for individualism. It may come off a bit overly sentimental, but as the vapidity of so many other videos shows, there are far worse things to exult than a free mind.