EXCLUSIVE: Celebrity Prom Photos!

Ahh, prom. The night when everyone looks pretty, poses for awkward photos, and tries to dance non-suggestively in a high school gymnasium. That, or they sit at home applying oatmeal face masks and rewatching old "Daria" episodes. Potato/ potahto!

Since prom is just around the corner if not right about nowskies for most of America's high schoolers, we sent some of our Buzzworthy besties to popstar prom (with a little help of Photoshop), and the photos are ADORABLE! ridiculous!

For example, as you can see above, IRL besties Katy Perry and Rihanna attended our Buzzworthy prom together, and  Rihanna looks amazing in a powder blue tuxedo (because we all know Rihanna can kill it in a tuxedo). And we're pretty sure we've seen Katy in this exact ensemble before. Funky, yet traditional. Well played, ladies.

If you ask us, Selena Gomez's shoes were a little dowdy, but how can you hate on that when you can just SEE how happy she is to be at prom with her date, Justin Bieber, who ALWAYS looks good dressed up! Awww!

The Pretty Reckless' Taylor Momsen won Prom Queen! And look how absolutely thrilled she is to be receiving such an honor! Don't let that pink dress fool you -- she's got fishnets on underneath. And maybe if that corsage was a bloody skull she would have smiled for this pic? Probably not.

Credit all images: Getty Images/MTV

We snapped a photo of Lady Gaga taking a break from dancing with her date -- a life-size jar of wasabi mayo wearing a monocle. They showed up to prom in an ALF parade float, and something tells us they spiked the punch. Tsk tsk, Lady!

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