VIDEO: 10 Things Jennifer Hudson Is Obsessed With

Jennifer Hudson is just friggin' killing it right now. She's got a new album out -- I Remember Me -- and one of its first singles, "Where You At" (watch the video below) is a decadent call to arms. Oh, and she slimmed down and got a new job as celebrity spokeswoman for WeightWatchers. Needless to say, she looks amazing. Like, stunning. Though she was born beautiful, of course. And do we even need to mention that she was an "American Idol" finalist whose elimination didn't stop her from earning her both a Grammy and an Oscar under her belt? Not bad for someone who hasn't even turned 30 yet.

A bubbly, charming Jennifer Hudson recently sat down with MTV Buzzworthy to share the 10 things she's obsessed with and can't live without, from her son (duh) to chocolate (OK) to a reality show that isn't, in fact, a singing competition. Here's a hint, though: There's definitely a reason Jennifer Hudson does her best "smize" at the end of this video.