Beyonce And Cee Lo Green Release Songs For Charity Because They're Good People!

Credit: WireImage/Getty

We already know Beyoncé is a total do-gooder. She's helping fight child obesity by promoting first lady Michelle Obama's Let's Move initiative -- which is why she surprised students at a Harlem school to help them dance their butts off and why she recorded a new version of her song "Get Me Bodied," changing the name to "Move Your Body" to encourage healthy eating among kids.

But Beyoncé is also doing even more philanthropic work: She'll be releasing a cover of "God Bless The USA" to benefit the New York Police and Fire Widows' and Children's Benefit Fund.

Cee Lo, too has been all up in that charity, releasing a special version of "Forget You" called "Thank You" in tribute to volunteer firefighters as part of Duracell's Power Those Who Protect Us program. Cee Lo's mother was saved by a volunteer firefighter from a car accident when Cee Lo was a teenager, so the issue is obviously close to his heart. And the song's actually adorable, with Cee Lo singing about his desire to ride a fire engine. You can get the song on Duracell's Facebook page.

It's always nice to see talented people lending their names to good causes, but even better when they sing about them. Hats off to good people!

+ Watch Cee Lo's "Thank You" video.

+ Listen to Beyoncé's "God Bless The USA."