Star Spotting: Katy Perry Was A Major Dork 'Last Friday Night'

Did you know Katy Perry is very pretty? Once she showed up on the scene with "I Kissed A Girl," she breathed new life into the pinup look (only flaunted before her by Christina "Candyman" Aguilera and burlesque performer Dita Von Teese), bringing to mind Jane Russell with her dark hair, saucer eyes and, er, "perky" bodice. Besides being a talented songwriter and electric performer, Katy has also done well by her good looks, mixing it up by adopting different aesthetics like Vegas showgirl and Sexy Alien.

On the cover of the remix album for Last Friday Night (TGIF), however, Katy channels an entirely new look: '80s geek. For someone bent on always looking glammed up -- even if she's dressed as a Viennese desert buffet -- it's definitely a fun departure to see such a gorgeous girl trade it all in for glasses, braces and a big ol' retainer. Of course, it's Katy Perry, so she still looks amazing. It's kinda "Saved By The Bell" chic, and I say chic because beneath that dorktastic exterior, she's still gorg -- those amazing eyes, lashes for days, perfect skin.

Orthodontists everywhere, take note: You've finally found an ambassador to carry your message of metal mouth to the masses. Get on it!

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