HUHMUHGAGA! Watch Lady Gaga Perform In A Killer Heel On 'Oprah'

Credit: Getty/WireImage

Perched atop an enormous, golden high heel (inspired by her sister Natali, a fashion student), Lady Gaga -- wearing a hat shaped like a terrifying stingray, underneath which sat a mask made of curled hair, natch -- played "Born This Way" and "You And I" (which Haley Reinhart performed last night on "Idol") on today's episode of "Oprah." Since Oprah is nearing the show's final episode after 25 years, it was only fitting that a contemporary legend and trailblazer as iconic as Oprah herself bid the talk show host farewell (and, P.S. that is, in fact, Johnny Depp in the audience).

Oprah calls Gaga -- whose "Judas" video leaked early!  -- a phenomenon (pronounced, as only Oprah would, "PHUH-nom'nun"), which Gaga sends right back her way. Oprah also pays Mother Monster a compliment for her undying message of self-acceptance, something that Gaga surely remains proud of, considering her album and its first single are both titled "Born This Way," which, if you haven't heard by now, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?

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