Watch 'American Idol' Contestant Haley Reinhart Cover Lady Gaga's Unreleased Song, 'You And I'

Credit: Getty Images

This season of "American Idol" has been a nonstop emotional roller coaster, you guys. We're pretty positive that Scotty "The Body" McCreery already has the whole competition on lock, with perhaps an upset by glammy James Durbin, if anyone. Like the rest of America, we were shocked to see both torch singer Pia Toscano exit so early and Casey Abrams stick around long enough to make our skin scrawl with those weird, jazz-inspired gnarls and murderous stares into the camera.

And then there's Haley Reinhart. Where'd she come from? (Illinois, actually.) The petite 20-year-old somehow managed to escape elimination several times already. It's almost as if she's sought redemption from "Idol" viewers, continuing to impress them with her mature grasp on songs with her rich, bluesy growls (take note, Casey). In fact, on last night's show, Haley trotted out a cover of "You And I," a Lady Gaga ballad that hasn't been released yet.

The judges weren't necessarily keen on the performance, considering it was not only bland, but that the only people who've been formally introduced to the song are those who have heard Mother Monster perform it live. But, in an almost holy twist of fate, Haley closed out the show with her second song, a rousing cover of The Animals' "House Of The Rising Sun." Possibly a "game changer" (yes, it was that good), Randy Jackson called it the best performance of the night. And that says a lot, dawg.

+ Watch Haley Reinhart perform Lady Gaga's "You And I."

+ Watch Haley Reinhart perform The Animals' "House Of The Rising Sun."