New Video: Nicole Scherzinger Featuring 50 Cent, 'Right There'

Credit: Getty Images

Well, here's a nice change of pace: Nicole Scherzinger, formerly of The Pussycat Dolls and judge on "The Sing Off," has a new video for her single, "Right There," and it doesn't sound like everything else on the radio! Not that we're complaining about the endless stream of disco-sticked pop that's dominating music at the moment, but it's pretty refreshing to see a vocally talented artist like Nicole Scherzinger tap into a more R&B-heavy sound on a pop record. The electric guitar lick that rips through the song's bass line is a sort of a little lost gem. The kind you got when Destiny's Child sampled Stevie Nicks's "Edge Of Seventeen" in "Bootylicious."

Anyway, back to the video! Of course, Nicole looks stunning. Dressed like a mix between an eskimo and Willow Smith (we called it!), Scherzinger tears up a ghostly downtown L.A. with the assistance of 50 Cent. And just because she's flying solo doesn't mean that Nicole has gone without the support of some strong females, either. Their back-up dancing remind us why Nicole owned the competition during her stint as a competitor on "Dancing With The Stars" in the first place (and also how she lead The Pussycat Dolls to the top of the charts as the quintet's lead singer).

+ Watch the video for Nicole Scherzinger Featuring 50 Cent, "Right There."