Watch Ben Folds Cover Ke$ha's 'Sleazy'

Credit: WireImage

You know what song is really good? "Sleazy" by Ke$ha. Granted, you can always count on the glittery goddess of dirty pop to get you motivated, whether it be to brush your teeth with booze or to substitute drugs for love. But something about "Sleazy" is extra special: Maybe it's the minimalism of the bass drum or the brilliantly layered chorus, but something about it has already attracted eccentric hip-hop's golden child, Andre 3000 (of Outkast), to appear on the remix.

Enter Ben Folds, troubadour and expert pianist. If you watched him on "The Sing Off," in which he was one of three judges providing constructive criticism to a cappella groups, you know the guy isn't just a goofy-looking dude in thick black frames. He's a musician's musician: someone who knows everything one needs to know about the craft of songwriting.

So to see him step into the murky waters of electro-pop to cover "Sleazy" is a welcome experiment. Sure, Ben's face may not be smeared in glitter, and he may not be wearing tattered leggings (oh, what we wouldn't give!), but dude still sounds great. We don't know what's more epic: the cover of the song or the mere fact that it happened in the first place! Do we smell a second remix?

+ Watch Ben Folds cover Ke$ha's "Sleazy."

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