MTV PUSH Artist Of The Week: The Limousines

Credit: Jasmine Safaeian

Electropop duo The Limousines hadn't even met face-to-face when they started e-mailing lyrics, melodies and beats to each other in 2007. Now they're the MTV PUSH Artist of the Week and have seen their profile go from small local shows to major festivals around the world.

Singer Eric Victorino and producer/multi-instrumentalist Giovanni Giusti had already written sketches for numerous songs via email before getting into the studio to record Get Sharp, their debut album released last year (and re-released by Dangerbird Records in 2011). On Get Sharp, tracks like the "Internet Killed the Video Star" -- a nod to MTV's first ever video, The Buggles' "Video Killed the Radio Star" -- and "Very Busy People" showcase the group's love of anthemic synth-pop and vintage drum machines.

There's a shiny gloss found all over Get Sharp, showcasing the duo's ability to craft catchy, dancefloor-friendly melodies à la MGMT while still retaining a lyrically critical edge. Their self-awareness could only exist in the internet age, yet the music recalls classic 1980s bands such as Speak & Spell-era Depeche Mode and The Human League.

Check out some behind-the-scenes photos from the "Internet Killed the Video Star" video, and watch the David Dutton-directed video below, plus a few other clips.

+ "Internet Killed the Video Star"

+ The Limousines discuss the zombie-filled storyline for the "Internet Killed the Video Star" video.

+ "The Future" (live)