O Music Awards: Chiddy Bang Breaks The Rap World Record... But Would He Do It Again?

The O Music Awards were only an hour long, channeling the succinct directive of Franklin D. Roosevelt, who once wisely said, "Be sincere; be brief; be seated."

But the O Music Awards actually kind of started hours before that, when Chidera "Chiddy" Anamege of Chiddy Bang started on his 9-hour quest to break the world record for longest freestyle rap. He rapped for an incredible 9 HOURS and 18 MINUTES nonstop, even rapping during his bathroom breaks. He finished his final hour and entire bold endeavor as the O Music Awards ended; he entered the stage, as the audience and crew ecstatically cheered him on, freestyling 2 minutes beyond the 9-hour-and-18-minute world record. Noooo big deal or anything.

Unfathomably, after running his mouth for more than 9 hours, Chiddy was still willing to keep going in his postshow interview, chatting about the sample that saved him -- Cam'ron's "Oh Boy," getting freestyle material from his friends via text, and one of my favorite off-the-cuff topics he rapped about: "hos in the Poconos."

Finally, when asked if he'd ever attempt to break the world rap record again, his answer was brief and totally reasonable: "Um... probably not."

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